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In Support of Food Biotechnology

Biotechnology is a safe way to produce healthier food in greater quantities, as well as to ensure a cleaner environment. Experience shows it. Regulation requires it. And science proves it.

Biotechnology is beneficial to both consumers and the environment. Through the use of biotechnology, foods already have been developed that are better tasting, stay fresher longer and are more disease and insect resistant. Food biotechnology also can help protect the global environment, and is a key to the urgent problem of feeding a growing world population.

Numerous experts have already weighed in on the benefits of biotechnology. Read some quotes from the experts.

Quote Sections
Food Biotechnology and The US Government
In Brief: Commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration and others share their views on the benefits of biotechnology.
Food Biotechnology is Safe
In Brief: The FDA has determined that foods from plants produced through biotechnology are, as a class, safe.
Food Biotechnology Benefits Consumers
In Brief: Surveys indicate that American consumers are in support of food biotechnology and recognize its benefits.
Food Biotechnology Benefits the Environment
In Brief: Agricultural biotechnology helps to make farmlands more productive and reduces the amount of land needed for agriculture.
Food Biotechnology Benefits Farmers
In Brief: Agricultural biotechnology improves methods of farming to ensure precision and efficiency.
Food Biotechnology Can Help Counter World Hunger
In Brief: Biotechnology may pose one solution to the problems of increasingly resource-poor, hungry nations and a viable alternative to subsistence farming.

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