Food Biotechnology Benefits Farmers
In Brief: Agricultural biotechnology improves methods
of farming to ensure precision and efficiency.

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Melinda Kimble
Acting Assistant Secretary of
State for Oceans and International and Environmental Scientific Affairs
Worldnet interview
May 26, 1999

"…what everyone must understand is to maintain the productivity of agriculture, we must continue to improve the agricultural seeds that are used. We have been doing this for generations. We are now blessed through research and technology with new methods of actually speeding up the process of improving the seeds and the products we get from them… The most important thing we have to do is get the message out about the benefits of these [biotech] products."

Institute of Food Technologists, October 1996

"Simply put, [agricultural biotechnology] is the most promising, precise and advanced strategy available today for meeting the challenges of reduced use of synthetic chemical pesticides, the need for nutritionally and functionally improved plants, and the need for improved resistance to pests and diseases."

Per Pinstrup-Andersen, Ph.D.
Director, International Food Policy Research Institute
February 5, 1999

"Biotechnology is an important tool which must be made available to emerging markets. This investment helps U.S. farmers by creating a greater demand for our agricultural products and much of the technology comes back to U.S. farmers to make them even more competitive."

Dr. Tony Conner
Crown Research Institute in New Zealand
June 15, 1999

"If we turn our back on [agricultural biotechnology] we are turning our back on the next generation of plants for farmers."

Quote Sections
Food Biotechnology and The US Government
In Brief: Commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration and others share their views on the benefits of biotechnology.
Food Biotechnology is Safe
In Brief: The FDA has determined that foods from plants produced through biotechnology are, as a class, safe.
Food Biotechnology Benefits Consumers
In Brief: Surveys indicate that American consumers are in support of food biotechnology and recognize its benefits.
Food Biotechnology Benefits the Environment
In Brief: Agricultural biotechnology helps to make farmlands more productive and reduces the amount of land needed for agriculture.
Food Biotechnology Benefits Farmers
In Brief: Agricultural biotechnology improves methods of farming to ensure precision and efficiency.
Food Biotechnology Can Help Counter World Hunger
In Brief: Biotechnology may pose one solution to the problems of increasingly resource-poor, hungry nations and a viable alternative to subsistence farming.

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