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Agriculture In The 21st Century Vision For Research And Development In Asia

Dr. Norman Borlaug recently delivered a lecture in South East Asia. Below are excerpts from his talk dealing with biotechnology.

Natural Born Killers

Paul Krugman discusses the strange asymmetry between the treatment of dietary supplements -- which often do real harm, but are "natural" -- and GM foods, which can do enormous good, but are "unnatural."

Anti-Biotech Sentiment Has Its Own Risks

Scientist Henry Miller argues that excessive regulation of GM foods is misplaced and irrational and will make it impossible for these products to compete in the market.

Market for GM Crops May Hit $25 Billion by 2010-ISAAA

The study said GM crops now have higher adoption rates because they offer more convenient and flexible crop management, higher productivity and a safer environment through decreased use of conventional pesticides.

Super Rice Available To Farmers By 2004

A new variety of high-yield rice which could raise global output by 15 percent should be ready for distribution to farmers by 2004, a senior officer at the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) said.

European Caution Carries Risks

Milloy charges that while the precautionary principle claims to promote safety, it may be more a pretext for blocking new technologies and restricting trade.

In the Heartland, Genetic Promises

Genetically modified seeds have been biologically altered to release their own insecticide or to immunize themselves against weed killers and other chemicals or against pests.

Peru's Potatoes Saved By Science

After years of blight and scarcity, Andean farmers are now producing a spud harvest on par with the US.

Functional Food Fever Hits Local Tastemakers: But Will Health Claims Heal Sales?

The semi-medicinal claims of what are sometimes called "functional foods" go beyond the general nutritional benefits of traditional health foods.

Biotech Food Fights May Be Over Soon As Facts Frustrate Fearmongers' Case

The truth, which uncowed scientists and businessmen can see easily, is that biotechnology offers great benefits to farmers today through higher yields and less pesticide use.

Nobel Laureate Says Biotechnology Can Feed 10 Billion People

Norman Borlaug says, "It is access to new technology that will be the salvation of the poor, and not, as some would have us believe, maintaining them wedded to outdated, low-yielding, and more costly production technology."

China Has Appetite For Gene-Altered Food

China is wholeheartedly embracing genetically modified foods as a key to feeding its growing population.

Good Eats Food, Pharmaceuticals Can Go Together

Food and drug companies could take a big step forward if they could engineer foods to make them more healthful, helping to give people a longer life span and a healthier one, to boot.

Blessings From The Book of Life

Decoding the human genome will yield a bounty of biotech miracles that will transform our lives in the next 40 years.

Engineering The Harvest:
Biotech could help fight hunger in the world's poorest nations--but will it?

For the world's developing countries, one of the greatest risks of genetic engineering is not being able to use this technology at all.

Secretary Madeleine Abright’s Remarks to the American Association for the Advancement of Science

Following are Secretary Albright’s supportive comments for the benefits biotechnology brings to society.

Organic Food
Is Such Produce More Healthful, Safer?

There is no intention here to dissuade anyone from using organic food but merely to put the matter in perspective.

Genetic Foods Could Bring Health Benefits

Genetically modified food could revolutionise Third World healthcare and even help prevent some cancers, a major international conference into the controversial new technology heard on Monday.

Food Labels Would Be Antibiotech

Take the issue of food labeling for genetically altered crops, where a campaign supposedly being waged on behalf of consumers' right to know may well diminish our freedom of choice, not enhance it.


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