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June 9, 2000 | vol.1

Group Launches Petition Drive for Biotech

Foundation EARTH launches their petition drive in support of biotechnology, and its benefits to health and the environment.

Nobel Laureate Hails GMO Technology

Dr. Norman E. Borlaug promotes GMO's to boost food production.

No Sense in Rejection of biotechnology for Improving Food.

Prominent plant scientist discusses reduction of pesticide use throughbiotechnology.

Trust Emotions or Facts on Biotechnology?

In Brief: Professor Prakash asks who should be trusted in the biotechnology debate, the opponents or the supporters?

GM Tomatoes "Fight Cancer"

In Brief: Tomtoes genetically modified to contain three times the ususal amount of vitamin A producing compounds can help stave off cancer and heart disease, claim scientists.

Save The World: Plant GM Crops

In Brief: London Telegraph journalist describes the agricultural promises of biotechnology plants.

No Room For Politics On Food Labels

In Brief: Georgetown University Center for Food and Nutrition Policy Scholar asserts views on labeling.

Organic Food May Be More Risky Than Biofoods - Cargill

Experts say there is some evidence that food grown organically is not as healthy as food grown using biotechnology.

Cuisine – or Vaccine? That Fruit May Be Both

In the future, genetically engineered bananas may provide a way to make vaccines cheaper and easier to distribute to people around the world.

Third World To Receive GM Rice

Golden rice is tailored to tackle the vitamin deficiency that blinds half a million people each year.

Firm Adds Vitamin To Rice

Genetic engineering that benefits the consumer—AstraZeneca will give away millions of free seeds in Asia, Africa and South America.

Biotech Firm Will Help Third World Harvest Rice

A biotech company is working to make genetically altered "golden rice," rich in vitamin A, available throughout the developing world.

Killer Tomatoes? No, Just Bioengineered Food

Environmental Economist writer discusses the economic, social and environmental benefits of biotechnology techniques.

Ignore Scare Tactics On Biofood

Unjustified assaults on bio-engineered foods will cost lives and harm the environment.

Gulp! GM Food Is For You

British writer Steve Conner offers the many promises of biotechnology in response to British fears.

Vaccine Delivered by Fork, Not Needle

Some day, some scientists say, people might be protected from disease by eating special bananas, tomato paste or crackers.

The Seeds Of Opportunity

Representative Nick Smith (R-Mich) stresses the many benefits of biotechnology if it is implemented correctly.

Biofoods hysteria is much ado about nothing

U.S. Senator Kit Bond (R-MO) takes on biotech’s critics in an opinion editorial stressing the benefits of biotechnology for the less fortunate of the world.

An advocate of cautious change

Journalist Michaela Wrong interviews the Rockefeller Foundation’s Gordon Conway on his views on the promise of biotechnology.

Thirteen Governors Form Agricultural Biotechnology Partnership; Vilsack, Schafer are Co-Chairmen

13 state governors have formed the Governors Biotechnolgy Partnership, a bipartisan initiative that aims to promote public understanding and awareness of biotech foods.

Value-added crops keep farmers in the field, despite protests abroad

Agriculture: Biotechnology adds value to grain and soybean exports despite debate, according to farmers.

Bioethical Brush Fires

USA Today: Mandatory labeling of biotech foods would "amplify baseless fears."

Scientists Leave The Lab To Defend Bioengineered Food

Researchers fear hysteria may impede genetic breakthroughs that could save lives.

Biotechnology: Challenge and Opportunity

Alan Larson, Under Secretary of State for Economic, Business, and Agricultural Affairs Remarks.

The Real Agenda of IMF and World Bank Protesters

Alliance member responds to the Washington activity this week and addresses the long-term benefits biotechnology brings to the environment.

BIO Statement Regarding Congressional Report on the Safety of Agricultural Biotechnology

Vice President for Food and Agriculture of the Biotechnology Industry Organization, Dr. Val Giddings, gives his comments in a press release regarding the Congressional Report of Agricultural Biotechnology.

Seeds of Opportunity: An Assessment of the Benefits, Safety, and Oversight of Plant Genomics and Agricultural Biotechnology

A summary of the Congressional Report on Agricultural Biotechnology.

Biotech Isn't A Luxury In Some Nations

The benefits are real in the developing world, where the technology is a need, not just a topic for debate.

U.S. Regulatory System Needs Adjustment As Volume and Mix of Transgenic Plants Increase in Marketplace

The National Academies’ National Research Council released a report emphasizing the safety of biotech foods. Following is the press release the NAS issued.

Biotechnology Already Is Part Of Our Lives

This editorial explores the benefits of biotechnology and the necessity to educate the public on the promises biotechnology offers.

Fact Sheet: Frequently Asked Questions About Biotechnology

The U.S. Department of State issued the following document that discusses a broad range of biotechnology issues, from key benefits of biotech products and their safety to how biotechnology is regulated in the United States and why it is difficult for biotech bulk grains to be segregated from non-biotech varieties.

Biotech’s Benefits

To stop the genetic altering of food that can make crops insect-resistant, for example, or stronger and more able to survive, would be to deprive mankind of a benefit that may become necessary to save the world in the centuries to come when populations increase.

Fact Sheet: Healthy Harvests: Growth Through Biotechnology

The following fact sheet, "Healthy Harvests: Growth Through Biotechnology," was issued by the U.S. Department of State on March 21.

Billions Served

An interview with Nobel Peace Prize Winner Dr. Norman Borlaug.

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